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This is the very first encyclopedic summary of this kind of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC): the most important thermal analysis technique used today and the most common thermal analysis instrument found in chemical characterization laboratories. Many researchers using this technique have a limited understanding of the true breadth of its capabilities. Up to now, there has been no book that would describe the application of DSC in all the various areas of materials chemistry. The Handbook of Differential Scanning Calorimetry has been written to fill that void. The handbook summarizes the knowledge on the subject and hence it gives people in all chemical and biological areas a broad overview of this measuring technique so they will be able to utilize this analytical technique more efficiently.

  • J.Menczel, J.Grebowicz: Handbook of Differential Scanning Calorimetry; Elsevier 

  • B.Wunderlich, M.Moller, J.Grebowicz, H. Baur: Conformational Motion and Disorder in Low and High Molecular Mass Crystals; Advances in Polymer Science 87, Springer-Verlag

  • B.Wunderlich and J.Grebowicz: Thermotropic Mesophases and Mesophase Transitions of Linear, Flexible Macromolecules; Liquid Crystal Polymers II/III, Advances in Polymer Science 60/61, Springer-Verlag

  • seven other book chapters

handbook of differential scanning calorimetry


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While at Shell, I published 15 Technical Reports and 35 Research Awareness Bulletins.

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